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6 :: delicious

30 September 2009

6 :: delicious

me :: dad
k1000 :: d80

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  1. 28 January 2011 17:10

    Ah… dad is a healthy eater. And I am soooo craving your sandwich!

  2. 11 October 2009 05:39

    o my o my, what a lovely idea.

  3. 1 October 2009 17:27

    thanks everyone for all your kind words! we’re a little overwhelmed, but so happy you’re enjoying it as much as we are. i really can’t wait to see where it takes us.

    kathy- you didn’t leave a link so i don’t know where to find you.

    and themes- we each take it in turns. this was dad’s theme, i’m up next. it’s not easy coming up with something new each week, so if you have any suggestions, they’re always welcome!


  4. bakedmonkey permalink
    1 October 2009 09:46

    I really love this idea, its awesome!

    How do you decide which theme to have each week?

  5. 30 September 2009 23:57

    I love your photographs. What an amazing talent you share with your dad. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  6. Mary permalink
    30 September 2009 20:36

    i had that smurfs cup. my sister broke it a while ago… it happens sometimes.

  7. Tiong Pilo permalink
    30 September 2009 19:19

    Nice… :)

  8. 30 September 2009 17:30

    so cute your dad wear the glasses!!everything looks so fresh!!

  9. kathyebel permalink
    30 September 2009 16:50

    Hello there, Me & Dad! Beautiful, delightful blog, with wonderful images. I’m also working on a project that I guess you could say is a “me and my father” theme, but so different from yours. Still, I noticed your blog name on a wordpress list and took a look. And how interested I was to see that you would like to visit Berlin, as Berlin features in my story, too. Anyway, here’s a link if you would like to take a look…the “Here’s The Story” tab will orient you and I hope the rest will speak for itself. Best of luck with your project! Kathy

  10. 30 September 2009 13:51

    wow i really love this, i think they are such good compositions in the photos, they say a lot about who you are and your how healthy you both are! they are great

  11. thegeekwithin permalink
    30 September 2009 13:32

    What a great idea!

  12. 30 September 2009 11:05

    this is SUCH an amazing site! i’m so happy to see someone doing something like this with their dad.

  13. 30 September 2009 10:30

    You’re FABULOUS photographers…the two of you.
    What a wonderful project!
    LOVE it…
    I’m adding you to my Favourite DEFINITE must reads.

  14. 30 September 2009 08:57

    This project is wonderful. My dad and I don’t have the sort of relationship which inspires me to want to do any sort of project (creative or otherwise) with him. This makes me wish I did though.

    Also, I want a bite of that bacon sandwich.

  15. 30 September 2009 08:24

    I guess you could claim these two as opposites on the health spectrum but they’re both delicious!

  16. 30 September 2009 08:09

    love the knife on the box and the glasses on the book both on the upper left of the photos! for whatever reason thats what caught my eye !

  17. 30 September 2009 07:54

    two gorgeous shots again. my mouth is watering :)

  18. helena permalink
    30 September 2009 07:47

    i love the idea of this project and i love the results :)


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