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22 :: cracks

6 April 2010

22 :: cracks

me :: dad
k1000 :: p90

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  1. 23 April 2010 01:56

    great photos, they look excellent together

  2. 12 April 2010 01:19

    What an interesting and wonderful project you are creating here. I’m planning a similar project with my daughter who is sixteen, we will do this to inspire eachother and to improve our phtograpic skills. The generation gap may provide an interesting angle on many subjects, I hope. What is your experience of this? Thanks for sharing this and for the inspiration! The photos are very good, and the presentation makes them even more interesting.

    • 6 May 2010 11:04

      thanks ingunn. i think we’re finding that there is not so much a generation gap as just completely different takes on the same subject. i’m trying to get my dad to look outside the box and i think for the most part he is getting better at that, although i’ve had to send him back to take a few more photos because i knew he could do better – isn’t that right, dad? :)
      i hope you have as much fun with your daughter as we have had. it truly has been such a wonderful experience.

  3. 7 April 2010 07:43

    i LOVE that header. these shots aren’t bad, either :)

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