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28 :: the cat

14 June 2010

28 :: kitten

me :: dad
sx70 + skype :: d80

we have had this lovely lady since she was just a tiny kitten, and now she’s 17 years old (and still tiny!) just recently she was very unwell and we thought we might lose her. it was a really tough week. BUT! here she is, almost 3 weeks later, sans tumor and a wee patch of fur, and doing amazingly well. way to go kitten! we’re so happy you’re on the mend. life just would not be the same without you around (to slash at our ankles as we walk by :)

we love you!

(and i miss you. like crazy. be prepared to be squished immensely when i see you next year)

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  1. Ashley Erin permalink
    15 June 2010 12:51

    Hurray! I’m so glad to hear she’s doing well. She’s incredibly adorable, and looks sooo tiny! My cat is a whopping 16lbs (!) so most cats look pretty small in comparison.

  2. 15 June 2010 10:52

    Oh wow, she IS tiny and very cute! I’m glad everything turned out okay for her!

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