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53 :: sign

29 July 2012

53 :: sign
me :: dad
polaroid automatic 100 :: d200

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  1. jaidee3ster permalink
    7 August 2012 18:39

    Irene, sorry again! That’s sugar cane, taken as I was l leaving Bundaberg the heart of the sugar cane industry in Australia. Also the home of Bundaberg Rum, aka Bundie!

  2. 30 July 2012 06:35

    The “I HEART MOVING” just cracked me up. You will never see a bumper sticker or any sticker like that on ANYTHING I own. Moving sucks. Unless it says “I HEART MOVING…..NOT!”
    But back to the photo…
    The contrast in colors is amazing. How the back ally has such muted and all neutral colors, very cold. The corn field scene is warmer and more pleasing to me with the blue’s and greens. Even the sign is more attractive.

  3. 30 July 2012 03:27

    I love this pair so much, these colors are magic.

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